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Personal Loan Approval in just 5 Min, Money directly in bank account

Personal loan: You all must know that how difficult and lengthy process is to take a loan in the bank, a lot of documents also have to be given and after that if the bank gets confidence then you get the loan. But nowadays there are many such personal loan apps in the market through which you can take loan instantly or within 1 day.

You can approve loans ranging from 1000 to 15 lakhs Rupess with these RBI approved loan apps. Yes, you saw it right, up to 15 lakhs. We will tell here such apps and their complete process of taking loan in easy language so that you can take loan according to your requirement. Here we will see the complete process of taking loan with the help of Money View Loan App.

How to take Instant Personal Loan with Money View Loan App

Money View Loan App is an Instant Loan App in India, with the help of which you can take personal loan in 24 hours. Here with the help of Money View Loan App, we will tell you the complete process of taking a loan, apply after understanding carefully. When you apply for the loan, keep the following things with you.

  • Adhar card
  • Pan Card
  • Address Proof
  • Bank account details
  • Bank Statement

Now friends, we want to know how you can take an instant loan from this app and what you will have to do for it, now you will get all the steps below, after that one step will be explained to you so that you can easily take a loan.

  1. Download App
  2. Permission & Details
  3. Personal Information
  4. Confirm Details
  5. Choose Plan
  6. User Information
  7. Additional information
  8. Upload Documents and Verification

Now let us tell you well about all these steps so that you can easily take an instant loan sitting at home.

Step:1 Download App

Step:2 Permission & Details

When you install and open the Money View Loan App, then you have to allow all these permissions on Location, SMS, Contact, Camera and Media and Device Information. After allowing all the permissions, you have to write your details.

First of all you have to give your email id and mobile number. After that clicking on “Done” you will get an OTP, you will also have to enter it. After that you will get two options of Employment Type.

  • Salaried
  • Self-employed

Minimum Salary Requirement

Non-Metros :  ₹13,500

Mumbai, Delhi/NCR :   ₹20,000

Other Metros : ₹15,000

Out of these, your salary / income should be according to the one in which you come. After Monthly Income, you have to like the option of how your salary comes to you.

  1. Cash
  2. Cheque
  3. Online

Step:3 Personal Information

Step:4 Confirm Details

Step:5 Choose Plan

After your personal details confirmation, you will get the loan plan according to your Income/Salary and “CIBIL Score”.

Note: Before taking a personal loan, you should see the interest rate a little, the Monthly Interest shown here is added to the Monthly EMI, so you have to pay only ₹ 10,172 with the interest.

Step:6 User Information

When you will click on “I Confirm”, after that you will get to see some kind of interface. Now you have to give some details here.

If you do a job somewhere, then you must have been given the work email id, that too will have to be entered here. If you do not have work email id then click on the box below.

Now you have to select the purpose for which you want the loan in Purpose Of loan, such as: – Education, Travel, Medical emergency etc…

After that you have to click on “Continue”.

Step:7 Additional information

Step:8 Upload Documents and Verification

After completing the above step-7 carefully, you will have to upload the necessary items like your documents, bank details, and proof in the last step.

Here you will have to give ID proof, in which you will have to give Adhar card and Pan card. Here the photograph of both sides of the adhar card and pan card will have to be uploaded. After this is done, you will have to give your address proof, in which you can also give your adhar card. After uploading, you will also have to upload your Live Foto and Live Video.

When uploading a video, it is necessary to have a pan card in your hand, that is, to upload a video with a pan card. After that click on “Continue”. After all the proofs are uploaded, you will have to give your bank account details.

Now you will go for your loan review. Here you have given all the information about your loan. As our loan amount is ₹ 10,000, for this we have given information about our Monthly EMI, 1st EMI date and interest rate. After seeing everything properly, you have to click on “Confirm”.

Now your loan will go to the review, within 1 day the loan money will be deposited in your account. Friends, if you say money is a jugaad, then do not take a loan because the interest rate is very high here. Here we will also have to pay an interest of 32% for a loan of ₹ 10,000. If you get a loan from the bank, then you take it from there, the interest rate will be less than the app.

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