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KCR says we are proud to be a role model & the best : Telangana Formation Day

Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has extended greetings to the people of the state, saying the state was formed due to the sacrifices of its people, and was built with the same spirit. The 9th Telangana Formation Day, was utilized to remember the great vision of our leaders who sacrificed their lives for a strong India. The chief minister participated in celebrations at Pragati Bhavan, his office-cum-residence, and hoisted the national flag. The national anthem was also sung. Later, he visited the Telangana Martyrs Memorial at Gun Park and paid tributes. He made  it very clear as long as he is alive anti farmer reforms are not acceptable. 

KCR believes Telangana has registered qualitative growth in agriculture, irrigation, power, education, health etc. The awards and rewards announced by the Union Government and other national and international agencies are testimony to the state’s development. “It is a universal fact that there is absolutely no comparison with the situation that existed when the Telangana state was formed and the present-day conditions. In economic development, the increase in per capita income, in supplying free and quality power 24×7 to all sectors, in creating additional irrigation and drinking water, in welfare of the people, growth in IT and industries and almost in all the sectors, Telangana state has become a role model for the country and it is a moment of pride for all of us,” the chief minister said.

He said that Telangana has achieved unprecedented growth in welfare and development by implementing various schemes within eight years. “The Telangana region, which had unleashed a relentless struggle for 60 years for its own identity and existence, has reached the pinnacle of development and it stands with a sense of pride in the world. In a short span of eight years, the Telangana state has become a manual for others in the country to follow. All this was possible with the blessings of people and the government employees who worked with commitment and dedication which is a fact that no one can deny,” Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao said. He added that with strict financial prudence and perfect planning, the state can increase its revenue resources. “From 2014 to 2019, with 17.24 per cent average annual economic growth, Telangana state became number one in the country.

Despite several obstacles and a deadly pandemic situation like corona, Telangana is making rapid strides in development,” he said. “The very fact that the Economic Survey of India 2020-2021 had congratulated Telangana…is a certificate for the state for its prudent fiscal management and financial discipline.”  The chief minister said the state government is delivering people’s welfare-centric administration with utmost transparency and economic discipline. He said that government decisions taken with a strong political commitment, its execution and people’s support have paved the way for big achievements. Despite the Union Government creating hurdles, Telangana state will continue to progress towards achieving ‘Bangaru Telangana’ (golden Telangana) with a resolve, Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao said.

Home Minister Mehmood Ali said it’s an honor to work under the guidance of CM KCR. He said every day is a learning experience and for us he is our inspiration and guide.

TRS leader Mohammad Azam Ali said it’s our pride to know that we are working for a visionary leader like KCR.He said the state is the youngest but fastest growing in the nation.Our priority is to maintain peace and maintain law and order so that investors are ready to come to Telangana. He said KTR is like a rising sun and we expect him to change Telangana into a developed and a world class high tech state.

The state is gearing up for the assembly elections and both BJP and Congress are trying to make inroads but Azam Ali feels people are aware of the truth and here in Telangana it is not easy to fool them because they have seen the work of our honorable Chief Minister KCR.



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