Prominent film actress Seema R Dev passed away

Tragic news envelops the world of Marathi cinema as the esteemed actress, Seema R Dev, breathes her last following a prolonged battle with illness. This poignant departure marks the end of an era in the film industry, and it is with heavy hearts that we bid farewell to this cinematic luminary at the age of 81.

The demise of Seema Dev reverberates as a mountain of sorrow upon her family, while the world of cinematography mourns a colossal loss. Beyond her contributions to Marathi cinema, Seema Dev’s exceptional acting talents also graced numerous Bollywood productions, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of many.

End of an Era: Veteran Actress Seema R Dev

Seema Dev, the spouse of actor Ramesh Dubey and the mother of director Abhinay Dev, has left an irreplaceable void in the world of entertainment. Notably, her younger son, Ajinkya Dev, is a celebrated artist within the film industry. Seema Dev had been battling a relentless foe, Alzheimer’s disease, for an extended period. Unfortunately, she succumbed to this formidable adversary in her residence in Branda, Mumbai.

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The revelation of Seema’s illness came to light through her son, Ajinkya Dev, in 2020 via social media. He shared, “His mother, Seema Dev, is grappling with Alzheimer’s, and our entire Dev family is dedicated to her care and well-being, working tirelessly every day. We request your prayers. Kindly keep her in your thoughts.” With Seema’s passing, the entire Dev family, along with her ardent admirers, find themselves in the throes of profound grief.

A Remarkable Legacy: Seema R Dev’s Cinematic Journey

Seema Dev held a prominent position within the Marathi film fraternity, contributing to over 80 films throughout her illustrious career, encompassing both Marathi and Hindi cinema. Her artistic prowess extended beyond the silver screen, gracing the television world with her presence through various serials.

Her cinematic voyage commenced in 1960 with the Marathi film ‘Miya Biwi Raza.’ Notably, Seema Dev played a pivotal role in the blockbuster film ‘Anand,’ alongside Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh Bachchan, solidifying her status as a revered actress.

As we bid adieu to this luminary, we commemorate her lasting legacy in the world of Indian cinema. Seema R Dev’s unparalleled contributions will forever be etched in the annals of film history, a testament to her remarkable talent and enduring impact.

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